• Standard PVC

    For more than 50 years, the semiconductor industry has been relying on shipping tubes as the main medium to carry their components between Assembly and Test operations or to their end customers. Its popularity remains today for two simple reasons - economy and flexibility. We carry more than one thousand open tools that run from through-hole, surface mount to leadless packages (QFN, MLP, etc). Our products also serve the connector, LED and passive component customers.

    Features Benefits
    • Good impact strength
    • Crack free tubes
    • Stable dimension
    • Excellent smooth interfacing with handlers
    • Critical dimension control within +/- 5 mils
    • Higher productivity, more man-to-machine ratio
    • Short cycle time
    • Short lead time
  • Polycarbonate

    Polycarbonate shipping tubes are our high performance shipping tube series. Our deep knowledge in shipping tube design, polymer science and extrusion processing technology allows us to produce shipping tubes with +/- 2 mils ( +/- 50 microns) of dimensional tolerance control. This unique tight tolerance capability helps many of our customers to improve their machine uptime, reduce scrap and minimize rework.

    Features Benefits
    • Tight tolerance.
      Critical dimension control +/- 2 mils
    • Accurate unattended high speed device loading and unloading
    • Superb clarity/transparency
    • Ease of visual inspection
    • Package guide profile design
    • Prevent device piggy back, shingling and unit rotation
    • High impact strength
    • Ideal for MSOP and TSSOP square body packages
  • “Green materials”

    We are committed to global environment preservation by building a strong sustainability mindset across our organization. We walk the talk.

    We actively support the 3R concept -- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    We are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce products that can help to minimize the impact to the environment. A wide choice of "green materials" such as PS1,PC2 and PETG3 polymer products are a testimony to delivering that commitment.

    PS1 shipping tubes

    Features Benefits
    • Halogen free
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Improved clarity/transparency and impact strength
    • Good clarity/transparency without compromising impact strength
    • Available in clear or translucent
  • PETG3 shipping tubes

    Features Benefits
    • Halogen free
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Strongest impact strength
    • Excellent for heavy duty big packages
    • Excellent clarity/transparency
    • Application examples: microprocessor heat sink and ceramic TO packages.

    1. Polystyrene (PS)
    2. Polycarbonate (PC)
    3. Polyethylene Terepthalate Glycol (PETG)

  • Reuse tube solutions

    If you want to reuse shipping tubes to transport your ICs within your operation without having to worry about antistatic coatings come off the tube surface that could compromise ESD protection, clear top conductive(CTC) and open top conductive polystyrene shipping tubes will be excellent alternative choices. These tubes are compounded with conductive polymers so that they make the tubes permanently conductive with SR less than 105 ohm/sq.

    Clear top conductive (CTC) tubes

    Although the tube material comes in conductive black, we are able to provide a clear PVC window strip spread along the tube top to cater for visual inspection to our customers through the clear window.

  • Open top Conductive Polystyrene (CPS) tubes

    Features Benefits
    • Conductive Polystyrene
    • Halogen free
    • Fully conductive
    • Maximum ESD protection
    • Open top
    • Visual inspection and devices counting
  • End Closures

    We supply end closures in various configurations – end nails and pins, POS-STOP integral punch out stopping features, twist locks, elastomer and soft vinyl end plugs and stoppers.

    Stoppers – End Plugs

    Stoppers – End Pins

  • Design

    SOIC 150/ 300 mils tube family

    DIP 300/ 400/ 600 mils tube family

    MSOP/ TSSOP tube family

    MLP/ QFN 3x3 to 12x12 tube family

  • PLCC/ LCC 18/ 20/ 28/ 32/ 44/ 52/ 68/ 84 tube family

    TO tube family

  • Process

    Just give us your package outline drawing, our team will take care of the rest.

    Our fully integrated in-house full service CNC toolshops can turn designs in as short as 2 days into production packaging.

  • We design our processes around your needs. Our state of the art extrusion line is highly flexible to adapt to various materials and profile sizes. Our unique in-house fast-set-up-quick-change program enables us to fill your orders in a short leadtime even though you may have highly customize requirements such as length, printing or pre-inserted pin or plug.

    Our quality labs offer a range of test capabilities including ASTM 457, ESD tests to STM 81705 and FTM Faraday cup standards.

  • Summary of Material Properties



    Raw Material

    Tensile strength

    Elongation at Break
    ASTM D-638

    Flexural strength

    Impact strength (Izod)

    Heat Deflection

    1] Polyvinyl Chloride Compund (PVC)


    min 70%


    min. 14kgfcm/cm

    60 degree C

    2] Polycarbonate (PC)

    640kgf/ cm2


    870kgf/ cm2

    85kgfcm/ cm

    133 degree C

    3] Polystyrene (PS)

    428kgf/ cm2


    600kgf/ cm2


    75 degree C

    4] Poly Ethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

    295kgf/ cm2


    733kgf/ cm2


    67 degree C

    Test data is for reference purposes and shall not be construed as specification.