• We offer Jedec trays that reflect our relentless pursuit in design philosophy to combine the best of both worlds - maximum durability and light weight.

    Each of our tray designs is subjected to rigorous testing and qualification.

    Features Benefits
    Proprietary and unique design techniques Durable yet light weight
    Deliver maximum tray structure strength with optimum use of materials Design for maximum reuse cycles
      Freight cost saving
    Precise and accurate pocket pitching Critical for small and light devices error free placement
      A breakthrough design for 2.5 x 2.5 mm LGA flippable tray - the world's smallest to-date
    Incorporating many poka yoke design features Prevent device misplacement and damage
  • We offer various materials for a wide range of operational temperature requirements. Our full range of materials offering will be able to satisfy your cost and performance considerations.

  • Selection chart

  • Design

    We agree wholeheartedly with Thomas Edison. Good designs are about hard work. Let us sweat the details for you so that you can concentrate on your core competency of making chips. Many of the multinational semiconductor companies have benefited from our tireless effort to find good design solutions for them. Here are just a few samples from thousands of design projects that we have completed.

  • Process

    We provide complete molding services, starting from product design right to product delivery. With Solidworks, Pro-E, Unigraphics and AutoCAD capability, we can provide product design services based on any form of input – prototypes, sketches, end use optimization, etc.

    Our fully integrated in-house CNC full service toolshop transforms the designs into SLA prototypes , quick turn molds or production molds.

  • The molding shop is equipped with ISO class 7 capability with fully automated closed loop control injection molding machines up to 2000 N clam force for molding all types of polymers.

    The quality assurance laboratory has non-contact 3D CMM capability, full mechanical testing, various ESD testing, reliability testing and baking / freezing capabilities to all requirements.

  • Re-used trays

    Trays from all major global manufacturers are available. All trays are cleaned, re-inspected to the same exact JEDEC specifications before being available for sale.